Pool Steps & Ladders

Many styles of swimming pool steps and ladders are available for in ground and above ground swimming pools.  Some steps and ladders are designed to fit specific needs, such as accommodating small children and the elderly who find it difficult to use a standard ladder. Follow this link for the best prices on name brand pool ladders.

Ladders for in ground swimming pools are stainless steel, and are designed to install into the concrete decking next to the pool.  The two handrails of the swimming pool ladder fit into anchors in the concrete deck, and these anchors are tightened to hold the ladder in place.  A stainless steel plate is installed over the area where the ladder is inserted into the deck, to cover the unattractive hole in the concrete and to prevent the buildup of debris.  If an in ground swimming pool was not built with the anchors in the concrete to hold a ladder in place, there are many models of “drop in” steps available.  These drop in steps are typically made of a plastic or a resin material.  They are a large, hollow staircase placed inside the pool at a wall in the shallow end of the swimming pool to provide a safe way to get in and out.

Ladders and steps for above ground swimming pools are available to accommodate a pool with or without a deck that meets with the edge of the pool.  If an above ground swimming pool does not have a deck directly next to it that a ladder inside the pool can be anchored to, there must be a pool ladder or swimming pool steps on the outside for a swimmer to climb up.  If this type of ladder or swimming pool steps are being used it is strongly recommended that some type of safety device be installed to prevent unsupervised or unauthorized access to the swimming pool.  Drop in pool steps available for above ground pools are very similar to the drop in steps available for in ground swimming pools. These large hollow plastic sets of steps are placed inside the swimming pool, and provide a safe and easy way to enter or exit the swimming pool.