Spas & Hot Tubs

Hot tubs and spas are a very relaxing and therapeutic experience for people of all ages. It has been proven that people suffering from arthritis or stiff joints enjoy temporary relief from pain in the warm soothing water and cascade of tiny bubbles from the jets positioned on the inner surface of the spa. The terms "hot tub" & "spa" are interchangeable, but actually describe two entirely different structures.

A "spa" can be freestanding, sometimes called "portable", unit that consists of a fiberglass tub enclosed in a wooden cabinet. All of the filtration, heating and sanitizing equipment is hidden inside the wood cabinet. Dealers sell these freestanding spas as a complete package, and they are available in a huge variety of sizes with a seemingly endless list of available options. A spa can also be a permanent structure built above or below ground level, with a fiberglass or concrete shell. A "hot tub" is a structure similar to a large wooden barrel. The sides and floor of a hot tub are made of wooden slats, and large metal hoops are tightened around the outside to hold the structure together. A wooden bench is typically installed around the inside of the tub. A hot tub is the oldest form of spas/hot tubs, and is not very common today. Follow this link to purchase a hot tub cover from our preferred online pool supply retailer.

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