Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners

Pool Cleaner

An automatic swimming pool cleaner is absolutely the best piece of swimming pool equipment any pool owner can invest in.  Manually cleaning a swimming pool is very time consuming and few pool owners enjoy this tedious task.  An automatic swimming pool cleaner allows you to spend less time maintaining your swimming pool, and more time relaxing and enjoying your pool!. Follow this link for the best prices on name brand swimming pool cleaners.  There are three different types of automatic pool cleaners for In Ground pools and Above Ground pools, and they are classified by the way they collect debris and move around the pool.  “Suction Side” automatic pool cleaners are connected to your pool skimmer and “Pressure Side” automatic pool cleaners connect to the return line fitting of your pool. “Robotic” pool cleaners work independently from your pool filtration system.


Above Ground Pool Cleaners

Pressure side automatic pool cleaners

Suction side automatic pool cleaners

Robotic automatic pool cleaners