Pool Equipment

Pool pumps, pool filters and pool heaters have been manufactured specifically to treat swimming pool water for over one hundred years. Many improvements have been made along the way, in the design and the materials used to make pool equipment. Despite the many changes, the basic principals of the pool equipment still remain exactly the same. A swimming pool pump is designed to draw water from the pool, push the dirty water through a pool filter and back to the swimming pool. A pool filter consists of a tank with some form of filter media inside, which the dirty water passes through to remove dirt and debris from the water. A swimming pool heater consists of a source of heat, which pool water is piped over or through to warm the pool water, which is then returned to the swimming pool. The topics below explain each piece of swimming pool equipment in greater detail. Follow this link for the best prices on name brand pool equipment.


Pool Pumps & Filters

Pool Heaters