Diving Boards & Pool Slides

Swimming pool slides are available in many sizes and shapes, to accommodate almost every swimming pool and pool budget. Pool slides are typically made of fiberglass, and sometimes include a fitting to run water down the surface of the slide and keep swimmers sliding quickly into the pool. The water supply to the slide is either a garden hose, or the pool slide includes a hose to connect to the return line fitting of the swimming pool. A slide is an excellent addition to any In-Ground swimming pool, however local or national codes exist concerning the depth of the swimming pool where swimmers will land coming off the slide. If local codes do not exist, the suggestions of the NSPI (National Spa and Pool Institute) should be followed. A swimming pool slide should be permanently secured next to an In-Ground pool with bolts in the concrete deck.

Swimming pool slides are made for above ground swimming pools with a permanent deck, however these slides are smaller and designed to be used by children. You should never install a swimming pool slide rated for in ground swimming pools, on an above ground pool. Follow this link for the best prices on name brand diving boards and pool slides.

Swimming pool diving boards are an excellent addition to an inground swimming pool, and provide a great source of fun and recreation for swimmers. A diving board promotes safe diving practices, and may help avoid accidents related to diving into the shallow end of the pool. Although you may have a deep end in your inground swimming pool, not all swimming pools are the proper dimensions to accommodate a diving board. Consult local codes before installing a diving board, or consult codes established by the NSPI. A pool diving board should not ever be installed on an above ground swimming pool due to the insufficient depth of the pool water.

A pool diving board consists of the actual diving board, and the stand the board is attached to. Pool diving boards can be made of wood, fiberglass or aluminum. Pool diving boards are designed to provide a spring action to bounce a swimmer into the air. Sometimes the actual board provides the spring action, and the diving board is mated to a stationary stand which simply holds the board in place. Pool diving boards are also made to be solid, and the stand is designed to provide the spring action.