Automatic Pool Cleaners

Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaners

Robotic automatic pool cleaners feature a built in filtration system, and operate independently from your main pool filter system.  No cumbersome hoses or tedious adjustments are required.  These self-contained automatic pool cleaners use on board electric motors to move around your pool and create the suction necessary to pick up debris.   This is a great advantage over suction side pool cleaners, which deposit all of the debris from the pool directly into your pool filter system.  As these pool cleaners move about the pool cleaning the pool surface, they are also constantly filtering your swimming pool water.  This helps to eliminate “dead spots” in the swimming pool where there is little or no water movement from the circulation of the main filter system.  Not only will a robotic pool cleaner pick up debris from the pool floor, these cleaners will also climb the pool walls and steps, and scrub the water line of the swimming pool.  Regular use of a robotic swimming pool cleaner can eliminate the stubborn stain commonly found at the water line of a swimming pool, and greatly reduce the amount of time spent manually cleaning a pool.  Robotic pool cleaners can save a great deal of money in operating costs, because a robotic cleaner does not require your filtration system to be running for the cleaner to work.  This also means you do not have to clean your filtration system after each use, using more electricity and losing chemically treated water through the filter backwash cycle.  Robotic pool cleaners perform best in large residential and commercial swimming pools, which have very big filtration systems that are costly to run.  Most models of robotic pool cleaners feature a hand held remote control that gives you complete control over the pool cleaner for quick and easy spot cleaning. Follow this link for the best prices on name brand robotic pool cleaners.




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