Automatic Pool Cleaners

Pressure Side In-Ground Pool Cleaners

Pressure Sides

Pressure Side automatic pool cleaners connect to the return line fitting in the wall of your swimming pool, where clean water is being returned from the filtration system.  Pressure side cleaners use a powerful jet of water to move around your swimming pool, and a jet of water is used to draw debris from the pool floor and walls into a special filter bag connected to the pool cleaner.  Pressure side cleaners can be an advantage over suction side cleaners because they are more powerful and can climb the walls of a swimming pool.  Because pressure side automatic pool cleaners are connected to the return line of the swimming pool, the skimmer is left open to draw dirty water and debris from the surface of the pool. These In-Ground pool cleaners do not deposit debris into your filtration system, which saves you the time spent cleaning the filter system after the use of other types of pool cleaners. Some pressure side cleaners feature their own “booster pump”, which works independently from your main pool filtration system to create the extra water pressure needed to power the cleaner.  Pressure side automatic pool cleaners are more powerful, however they can be harder to connect & use than other types of In Ground pool cleaners.  Examples of pressure side swimming pool cleaners are Polaris pool cleaners and the Letro Legend pool cleaners, or the Hayward Phantom & Hayward Viper models. Follow this link for the best prices on name brand automatic pool cleaners.



Hayward Phantom