Swimming Pools & Pool Installation

Above-Ground Pools & Installation

Above ground swimming pools are available in a round, oval or rectangular shape. Click here to find above ground swimming pools with free shipping. Rectangular swimming pools are typically more expensive, and almost always built with a deck completely surrounding the pool. The pool manufacturer's and retailers like to market these rectangular swimming pools as "on ground" swimming pools, to put them on a higher level than common oval or round above ground pools.

An above ground swimming pool consists of a thin metal wall, a rail or "cap" on top of the pool wall, vertical supports on the outside of the wall and a vinyl liner inside the pool to hold water. The supports on the outside of the walls of a rectangular or oval pool extend out several feet from the side of the pool to hold the walls up. Round swimming pools simply have vertical supports extending out only inches from the pool to hold the walls up. This space saving feature is attractive to homeowners with limited yard space.

Installing an above ground swimming pool is relatively easy for a technically inclined homeowner, however if you don't like to get your hands dirty you should hire a local pool professional for the pool installation. If you purchased a swimming pool from a local pool retailer they will almost always offer free installation or some type of discount on installation through their contractors. To save yourself a lot of digging, attempt to choose a spot in the yard that is already basically level. To save yourself a good deal of time cleaning the pool later on, choose a spot in the yard that is not directly under or near trees, or where debris will fall or blow into the pool.

The first step of above ground pool installation, which will often prove to be the hardest, is to clear and level the ground where the swimming pool will be installed. Beyond this, each manufacturer will have there own suggested method or requirements for the installation of your particular pool. Follow your pool manufacturer's instructions carefully, and consult the manufacturer or a pool professional if you have any questions along the way. Skipping what appears to be a minor detail during installation can easily turn into a big disaster once you fill the pool with water.

In-Ground Pools & Installation