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There are many different automatic swimming pool cleaners available for Above-Ground swimming pools, and making the right choice can become confusing. The most popular and widely recognized suction side automatic pool cleaners for above ground swimming pools are the Kreepy Krauly E-Z Vac, the Baracuda Ranger and the Hayward AquaBug.  The EZ Vac & the Barracuda Ranger are very similar in construction and the way that they clean a swimming pool.  These pool cleaners are designed with only one moving part, for low maintenance and long life.  The main body of the Hayward AquaBug cleaner is shaped like a large bug, and is joined by two other identical cleaners which are called Wanda the Whale (shaped like a whale)  and Diver Dave (shaped like a diver).  These fun and very functional pool cleaners help make pool maintenance more enjoyable.  All of these swimming pool cleaners connect to the skimmer of your swimming pool, and the suction power of the pool filtration system is used to propel the cleaner around the pool and to pick up debris from the pool floor.  Because these cleaners are connected to the pool skimmer, all of the debris the cleaner picks up is deposited directly into the basket on your pool pump and into the pool filter system. Click here to find above ground pool cleaners with free shipping. 

Two popular pressure side automatic above ground pool cleaners for Above Ground pools are the Polaris 65 & the Baracuda Zippy.  These pool cleaners are connected to the return line fitting inside an Above Ground swimming pool, and use the power of the water pressure returning to the swimming pool to move around and pick up debris.  A disadvantage of pressure side automatic swimming pool cleaners compared to suction side cleaners, is that they are not able to pick up large sized debris or large volumes of debris. A big advantage to pressure side automatic swimming pool cleaners is that they do not deposit debris in the filter system, causing un-needed stress and cleaning.  Debris is instead deposited in a filter bag located on or inside of the pool cleaner.

A new type of swimming pool cleaner that has recently been made affordable to Above-Ground pool owners is the robotic swimming pool cleaner.  These pool cleaners are driven by electric motors, and operate completely independent from your swimming pool filtration system.  Two common examples of robotic pool cleaners are the Aquabot Pool Rover and the Robo-Kleen Above Ground pool cleaner.  These robotic pool cleaners safely operate on only 24 volts, and plug into a standard electrical outlet. These robotic pool cleaners feature on-board filtration and propulsion systems, and do not require you to have your pool filter system running for the cleaner to work.  This saves money spent running your pool filter system to power a conventional automatic pool cleaner, and saves you the time required to clean the filter system afterwards.